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Our differentiators


Open, big classrooms with learning corners!

Nurturing every aspect of a child's activity

Warm, welcoming environment in our spacious, state of the art campus. Each classroom is spacious and equipped with high quality, child-friendly and safe teaching aids with lots of space for your child to run and play. Each classroom also has learningcorners- reading, pretend-play, blocks, gross motor play because we believe in bringing the play indoors. 

Emphasis on each child!

Emphasis on building a personality

Each child is unique so your child needs the right environment to grow into his/her full potential. We provide such a nurturing and caring atmosphere at Gulmohar where each individual is motivated to shine and outgrow themselves each day!

We don't instruct, we tell stories! 

Guided fantasy story telling​

Reading builds creativity, helps in brain development and instills in them analytical mindset and we at Gulmohar love books! We have book-reading corners with plush seating so that the children can make themselves comfortable while story telling sessions are on! Since children need to be read to, our teachers take special care to create perfect story telling sessions enhanced with appropriate visual aids. The sounds and sights in these story sessions help in teaching the children the fun way. 

Free play and circle time!

Free play that helps children explore their interests and develop sense of independence

Play when guided, becomes an enhanced learning experience for our little children. Our teachers are trained to guide the children's play-time to help them be aware of their little learnings while they indulge in the play. Be it blocks or pretend play, your child will learn the concept behind their innocent play. 

Observations and adapted teaching

Teaching that is centred around the child

We give great importance to personalised attention and focused growth. We believe each child is unique and deserves all the love and attention. Our teachers are trained to take detailed observations as per our learning framework to provide you regular updates on your child's progress. 

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