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Senior Kindergarten

Preparing for the primary school!

Ages 4.5- 5.5 yrs

Just one year before kids enter the primary school, Senior kindergarten is a year where their learning grows and expands across areas. Children become better communicators now with enhanced sense of social behaviour and emotion regulation. Improved logical and critical thinking helps them better understand stories as they now start forming logical connections. Their reading skills are improved enabling them to read short words and recognise multiple words.
At Gulmohar Early Years Preschool in Jaipur, we focus on making the children ready for the learning years ahead by recognising and strengthening these new ...

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Our inquiry based curriculum inspires children to think out of the box, ask questions and continuously learn more from their surrounding objects, people and environment. This helps our children in developing creativity as individuals brimming with ideas, thoughts and questions. At this stage, we start building emphasis on projects that can spur their creativity, motivate them to ask questions and think about integrated solutions to help them achieve the outcome.

Little House Big House


For  toddlers to become responsible children and be able to take care of their learning, needs and likes, our teaching environment that lets children drive their learning proves useful. At Gulmohar, teachers give them opportunities.  Classroom jobs, project based learning are a few small ways children can take ownership of their work and be more responsible.

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critical thinking & reasoning

As children develop critical thinking in these years, they learn how to analyze information, compare and contrast that helps them to develop higher order thinking skills. These skills enable them to be functional adults in the future. Activities like interactions with nature, science and math concepts,exploration based projects that prompt thinking, sustained conversations with their teachers help in developing their critical thinking skills.

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science & math

As their logical reasoning develops, science and math become important areas to develop critical thinking. To teach them scientific thinking, we emphasise on experiences with elements in nature, be it concepts of heat, light, wind we like them to experience this through experiments where they teacher is more of a facilitator  who can help them make sense of their observations. These are their first steps for problem solving and logical thinking. 

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