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At Gulmohar Early Years, we envision to be one of the top early childhood education centers of the country known for providing an ideal environment for the child development in a dynamically changing world.


Our endeavor is to ensure that children acquire the right foundation of healthy development and learning necessary to achieve their true potential in the future. 

Bringing Innovation and excellence to Early childhood education.


  1. Spacious and interactive learning spaces: Our learning spaces are designed to be stimulating and give freedom of exploration to children.

  2. Research-Based Curriculum: Designed on combined principles of STEAM, Art, Guided Reading, Reggio Emilia our curriculum is designed to keep the child at the focus and adapt as her needs. 

  3. Learn through play: Children love to play and our learning experiences are designed around it. 

  4. Co-constructive learning: A system based on detailed observations helps our teachers to adapt their lessons to suit the needs and interests of children.

  5. Integrated development: Our learning methods are designed to integrate all domains of development - Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive, Language and Aesthetic appreciation.

  6. Teachers as Facilitators: In our model of education, children are empowered to explore their learning and teachers can act to facilitate this learning process for them. 

  7. Instill Joy and Happiness in our children.

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