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Learning by Inquiry
Ages 2.5- 3.5 yrs

Children at the age of three are at the stage of inquiry and reasoning. Entering this stage of their lives, kids develop social and emotional understanding skills. Children also embrace the concept of working in teams as they use their skills of self-awareness and confidence developed earlier. At three, children also start developing an inquisitive mind which is the perfect ingredient for creativity and imagination. As nurturers at Gulmohar, we wish to fuel this curiosity to build a creative and happy person in your child.
Our curriculum focusses on letting the child grow into the best version of themselves. ...

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Children are born curious and as they enter 3, they start asking questions. It is important for a curriculum to respect that and create spaces where it is natural for kids to ask questions and get answers. 



Children at three are naturally drawn towards forming social bonds with other children & develop feelings of empathy and care for others. We encourage this through focus on group play that helps develop collaborative skills essential for socio-emotional development in children.



Children are provided exposure to print literature to expand their knowledge of words and sentence formation. Children learn to form small sentences and we provide them support to do that through read-aloud story times. Our classrooms are equipped with book corners with a huge variety of books for children to be motivated to look at words and pictures and learn themselves too. 

Art Supplies


Children at this age like to explore, experiment and tinker with surroundings. Giving them the environment they can play, explore and create is the right foundation for nurturing their creativity.  We do this by giving emphasis on block play, working with open ended teaching aids, emphasis on play and an facilitating an environment of exploration and problem-solving. 

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