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Junior Kindergarten

Ages 3.5- 4.5 yrs

Four year olds are at the point of their lives where they begin their journey of exploring the world around them. Their curiosity enables them to form deeper bonds with fellow students. They develop the ability to build ideas and think analytically with this newly acquired understanding of the world around them. They also are more independent and able to form logic and feelings. 
The Junior Kindergarten program at Gulmohar Preschool, one of the best preschools in Jaipur, focusses on building and strengthening concepts like social and behavioral manners along with strengthening their analytical and critical re...

Girl with Flower

self-motivated learning

The awareness developed in children at this can be channelled to make them take initiative in their own learning. Children learn better when they make choices about when & what to read, what teaching aids to play with. Our inviting centres with right amount of provocation, help children to use this new found motivation and be excited about their learning. When they are self-motivated, they learn better! 


Alphabet Cubes

With improvement in speech and use of many more words, use of phonetics becomes crucial to develop language in children in Junior Kindergarten. As they start to form sentences with multiple words. Sing-along rhyme sessions, animated storytelling, read aloud sessions help them become learn more words and hear sounds. Expert visits and sessions help them  connect with their community and communicate. Sing-along rhyme sessions and animated storytelling with our teachers helps them learn words and their sounds. 

Inflatable Slides



At four, children's physical development is rapid as they grow close to four inches during the year. Gross motor activities like jumping, skipping and doing small runs are fun as well as essential for the child's development. Children love this freedom of movement and we work with to fine-tune their finer gross motor skills as well. Our big and state-of-the-art Gross motor area gives them the opportunity for development. Fine motor skills like letter writing, completing puzzles are aided by our huge collection of  teaching aids and learning centres in each of our classrooms.

Science and Technology

logical reasoning

Children at this age develop a natural want to know more than basics as their understanding of the world around them expands. They start learning about order, the how's and why's. As they develop reasoning skills, our educators are keen to partner them in conversations and not only capture the their imagination but also help them develop better reasoning and logic through rich narratives and aids.

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