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Learning by Inquiry

Children at the age of three are at the stage of inquiry and reasoning. Entering this stage of their lives, kids develop social and emotional understanding skills. Children also embrace the concept of working in teams as they use their skills of self-awareness and confidence developed earlier towards working in groups. At three, children also develop an inquisitive mind which is the perfect ingredient for creativity and imagination. As nurturers at Gulmohar, we wish to fuel this curiosity to build a creative and happy person in your child.


Our curriculum focusses on letting the child grow into the best version of themselves. We aim to do this by our novel approach of child-centred teaching methods. In this, our educators recognise the aspects of play that are most enjoyed by your child. These methods to which the child responds positively are then picked and incorporated in our teaching methods to curate a teaching experience that is tailor built for each child. Teaching at this age incorporates working in groups, interacting with their surroundings, developing empathy, introducing logic and reasoning, to build on the skills that a three year old develops. Activity based teaching in music from natural elements and art from colours capture the imaginative development of the child at this age. Story-time and puppet theatre play help the children in understanding social constructs and behavioral patterns, both making their development complete.

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