7 Daily Activities to improve your child's writing readiness.

We use our hand muscles for most of the actions we perform during

the day. From writing to getting ready; cooking to eating, everything

involves our hand muscles. Strong fine motor skills will not only help the child become better in writing skills but also will help them perform their tasks independently with time .

The development of these muscles is important at a very young age. By

involving our children in simple activities, we are helping them to

develop their Fine Motor Skills which will help them in the future in

performing their activities with ease- be it writing, drawing or just performing simple physical activities.

Repeated iterations of practising fine motor skills also ensure improved writing readiness and the ability for your child to learn self-dependence! As the child finds and plays with numerous things around. This not only develops in him or her, a love for exploration but also enhances their self-awareness.

Fine motor skills are the development of whole arm muscles, whole

hand, and also pincer grip. Have a look at some fun, daily activities that your child will love doing!

Plucking Out Dry Leaves

A nature walk early morning can instill so many habits in a child. The

child gets closer to the environment, learns to appreciate its beauty,

and also value it.

Show the child some dry leaves and how to pluck them from the plant

and put it in a tray. Ask the child to help you find more dry leaves. Talk

about different plants. This helps in the development of their Fine

Motor Skills and Language Skills. Also, the collected dry leaves can later

be used for some art activity.

Peas Out of a Pod

Involving children in our daily activities develops in them a sense of

confidence and also curiosity.

On any winter day, sit with your child and together you can take the

peas out of the pod. This will develop the fine motor skills, initiate a

conversation between you, and strengthen your bond.

Using a spray bottle to water plants

Children love water play so why not let them have fun while teaching them about nature. Let the child have a spray bottle filled with water. Let them move around the garden freely and enjoy the time with nature.This activity again creates a sense of awareness about our environment.

The child understands that the plants also need water to survive and

develops in them a feeling to take care of the plants.

Use of the spray lever also leads to strengthening the pincer grip

and also the arm muscles.

Putting Coins in a Piggy Bank

Give the child a handful of coins and you take some for yourself, and

make it look like a game. Adjust your speed according to the child and

see who puts the coins in first. This will excite the child and make him

or her enjoy the activity.

This creates a sense of ownership in the children. They develop an

understanding of numbers. Also, their tactile senses develop.

Picking up a coin and putting them inside the piggy bank helps in the

development of a pincer grip.

Optional: Create your own piggy bank by reusing old packaging boxes, wrapping them up in colourful paper. Cut a slit on the top for the child to drop coins in.

Create a tree

Give some twigs and play dough to the child and let the child play freely

with it. Let him use his imagination and create something that

fascinates him.

This will enable them to imagine, explore, try, succeed, and also fail

sometimes only to try again.

When the child tries to mold the dough and play with the twigs, his fine

Motor Skills will develop.

Yarn wrapping to improve speed and agility

Provide the child with some cutouts of cardboards of different shapes

or letters ask him or her to cover it with a yarn.

This will help the child to learn about different shapes, colours and

develop the fine motor skills too.

Balancing cups

Children love building things. Inspire them to create their own tall castle. Give the child some colourful paper cups to play with. The child might

put them inside one another, create a tower, or might try to create

something unique.

This will enhance his imagination and also develop fine muscles.

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