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How to work remotely while preschools are shut during Covid-19 outbreak

While the world is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic, schools all over the world have been shut down. This has moved the world to working online. While the corporates have worked for home in the past, schools are also grappling with the idea of exploring working remotely. This can be an opportunity for you as a preschool to involve your staff and explore avenues which you couldn't find time for before. Here are a few areas where you can work with your preschool staff remotely.

Lesson Planning

If you had to plan your lessons for the future, now is a good time. Your curriculum might have concepts and learning outcomes for children, but it is often up to the teachers to use them to create definitive lesson plans.

Activity Bank: It is always a challenge to find age appropriate activities for different concepts. This is a good time, to research and find age appropriate activities as per your school curriculum and Methodology. Some resources we suggest: 

Professional development:

In the busy schedule of a preschool, there is often little time left after planning and executing lessons. But as preschool teachers, we know how crucial it is to keep training our staff. This time presents a wonderful opportunity for some professional staff development.

What can you do? 

  • Read a book together

  • Read an exciting article together and discuss it.

  • Take turns on storytelling sessions over a video call to hone your skills.

Here's a video from Teaching Strategies for Esrly Childhood education on how to read aloud for young children.

While working remote has it’s own challenges, but with proper planning, right tools and motivation you can use this time to explore your potential and invest in areas where you don't get enough time during a regular preschool session. Stay Safe! and hope to see you soon.

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